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Within the first month of implementing the dental marketing plan Hassan created for me, my financial situation began to change immediately—for the better! I can't explain the new feeling of security and well-being.

Daniel Cheung | Bury Dental Centre

Proven Strategies that Fit Your Dental Practice Vision.

Financial freedom

Helping you to make more money, so you can make more time for your family and friends.

Clear honest collaboration

Honest and open client dashboard allowing you to see real marketing results in real time. 

Knowledge to create leaders

Every step of the way, we help you to become a better business leader and business model.

Focus on the user and all else will follow

Combining sales, psychology and science to improve new patient experience online.

Dental Marketing Expert

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Hey there! I'm Hassan Mushaid.

It's extremely frustrating when you know that your dental practice is capable of bigger and better things.  

I believe marketing shouldn’t be like pulling teeth out!

With over ten years clinical dentistry and digital marketing experience, I combine both to help generate consitent new patient inquiries for our clients, just like you!

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